There was something I read on Instagram earlier this year that I immediately took a screenshot, and emailed it to myself with the subject line, “REMEMBER”.
It was from Amber Lilyestrom, and she said that mastery is knowing yourself so well that someone else’s wobble doesn’t wobble you.
So good, right?
How many times have you allowed someone else’s fears, self doubts, “wobbles” in their business cause you to doubt your own path?
Listen, it happens to the best of us.
The antidote? Mastery. The more masterful you become in your skills, the more you master your vision your processes, your systems, the less likely you are to be impacted by the wobbles of others.
A note though … mastery doesn’t mean that you know it all and that you aren’t still learning and seeking to learn.
For me … I’ve mastered our contracts, my listing presentation, being a listing specialist. I’m a master at systems and checklists and making complicated things easy to understand.
That definitely doesn’t mean that I know it all in those areas. I’m confident with my skills, my abilities, what I can do, but I am also constantly striving to improve and learn more to make it all even better.
What have you mastered?

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