What Do You Think?

Yesterday while recording some of our "Real Stories in Real Estate" podcast (you can find us on iTunes!) with my team, Roxanna Urban said something during our conversation that I thought was so powerful.
Roxanna was telling the story of selling her own home earlier this year and the perspective of being both the seller and the listing agent, but that isn’t what was remarkable.
She said that she was so grateful for her buyers, and that she truly saw them as a blessing to her and her family, and that perspective changed everything.
Roxanna said that the more she and her family gave to the buyers, the more they gave in return to her and the transaction went flawlessly. She and her family were thrilled to move on to their next steps, and the buyers were so excited about their new home.
How many times have we dealt with buyers and sellers who take an adversarial approach to one another? (By the way, agents are often just as bad in dealing with each other.) Someone is buying their home, and they are almost angry about it … even though selling was their idea.
I wonder what would happen if we were more focus on collaboration and cooperation? You can still get a good "deal" and a great situation for your client. In fact, I venture to argue that you will get a better "deal" and transaction out of it by having a spirit of cooperation.
What do you think?


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