The Power of Words

I’ve long been a believer in the power of words. The way we use them towards and about each other can lift someone up, or tear them down. The way we use them to speak to ourselves can imprison us in our own thoughts and beliefs. They can chart the course for our lives, like it or not. It’s so important to always choose them wisely.

For 2016 I chose “faith” to be my word for the year, to guide and comfort me, and it has served me extremely well. Now that the new year is almosthere, it is time to choose a new word to set my intention for 2017. I considered using faith again, but I feel that it is ingrained enough in my way of being now that it isn’t going anywhere. Time to choose another word.

I’ve been considering “focus” (I have a very specific big goal that I want to pour myself into) or “simplify” (this will also help with my big goal, but also with my anxiousness and self as a whole).

So what do you think? I would love to hear your word suggestions, and also if you choose a word for yourself what will it be?


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