The Gift Of Time!

One of the things that I have noticed about myself, and my business, is that in order to speed up … make big things happen, have a breakthrough or idea … that I first need to slow down.

I tend to run at a go, go, go pace. Constantly running, going, doing, accomplishing, producing. And the more I stay in that state of being the lower my creativity goes. My brain can’t take anymore. I no longerĀ feel enjoyment in reading, can’t focus when listening to my favorite podcasts, bounce from one thing to the other in a state of frenzy. I feel it, my friends and family feel it, I’m sure my clients feel it. All of that is a sign that I need to step back, and slow down.

It is such an oxymoron, but truly in order to produce at a high level, in order to be super efficient and effective, you have to slow down. Whenever I do, whether it is for a few hours, or a day, or even a 2 week vacation like the one I am on now, I come back refreshed, renewed, excited. The ideas flow more freely. Things that felt stuck … the difficult client relationship, the listing that wouldn’t sell … I can see with fresh eyes and take new action which almost always moves things forward.

One of your tasks on your Plan of the Week this week is to “treat yourself”, but really it’s to take a little break. Give yourself the gift of a little time without the incessant demands of others. Turn off your phone. Walk away from the computer. Sit outside. Take a walk. It will make a difference in how you feel, and those around you will feel it too!


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