Rushing Or Pointing.

Did you know that whenever you or I have a success or a win, that there is almost always at least one other person that we can credit with that win?

Think about it.

Win a listing appointment? Who are the people that you shadowed on appointments or the broker or manager who taught you how to present or the podcasts or videos you watched to learn to be a proficient listing agent?

Ratify a contract? Those buyers certainly played a role for putting together a great offer, plus the lender whose conversation with the listing agent helped them feel confident with your offer.

Lose 5 pounds? Did someone in your household support you by buying or preparing healthy food or how about the friend or neighbor who went for walks with you?

I just finished reading the new book, “Wolfpack” by Abby Wambach, Olympic gold medalist and retired professional soccer player. In it she talks about this quite a bit. She says that with any win … yours or someone else … you should be either rushing or pointing.

When someone else wins, you should be rushing towards them with support and congratulations. When you win, you should be pointing at all of the people who contributed to that win.

I love this idea. Success is sometimes thought of as this solitary practice, but really it rarely ever happens alone.

Who could you be rushing towards or pointing to today?


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