Red Light, Green Light

I feel like I’m playing a never ending game of red light, green light right now.

Red Light: Don’t want to get dressed. Messy bun. No make up. Chart topping worry and anxiety. Overwhelmed. The couch calls to me (and all the carbs …).

Green Light: I’m powerful and will make big things happen on the other side of this by laying the ground work now. Fancy hair. Make up. Cute earrings. “Dressy” lounge wear. Mind flooded with ideas. Bringing them into fruition. Energized.

And this is just with my personal well being and work. A similar game is constantly running with my kids, family, house.

The transitions between red and green are exhausting. There is no yellow light in this game. Trying to figure out how to create one.

That’s how I’m doing today. How about you?


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