Prospecting From Another Perspective!

We had a fantastic discussion at our Empowering Women In Real Estate Monthly Meet Up yesterday, and I left with several great take aways.

Here’s one of my favorites …

We were talking about one source of anxiety in our business being the real estate “rollercoaster”, and the difficulty in having enough time to prospect while in the thick of transactions … which of course then leads to more up and down.

Busy in a transaction = no prospecting = no business in 60-90 days

No business = prospecting = busy in transactions in 60-90 days

Repeat, repeat, repeat.

We were talking about prospecting and social media and Samantha Scott Tunador (who is AMAZING on social media, especially Instagram) said that if you would just simply capture and share what you are doing day to day in your business that your social media WOULD be your prospecting.

So simple, right? And so true, yet we don’t always think of it that way.

-We worry that we will turn people off if we talk about our business. The solution? Know your audience and don’t talk real estate 100% of the time.

-We are afraid to “put ourselves out there”. The truth is, the more your share, the more success you earn, the more criticism you are likely to receive. It is a sad fact of how we treat other human beings. Do it anyway. The critics don’t pay your mortgage.

-We worry that what we have to share is boring. Fun Fact: You know I’m a “tracker” and we monitor the response we get to listing posts and “behind the scenes” posts. The engagement (meaning people looking, not clicking away from the story, commenting) is FAR MORE on the real life/behind the scenes posts than the posts of just another pretty house. Showing houses? Share a photo or two of the most interesting detail of each one. Listing appointment? Share a little video of the community. Meeting a client? Post your coffee cup and tag the restaurant/shop.

-We don’t want to be tethered to our phones missing out on things while we are posting. Me too … so I don’t. I snap photos or little videos, even boomerangs while I am enjoying something/doing something (especially if I am with my kids, I would likely be taking photos for our memory books anyway) and then post them all later. No one is monitoring what time I am posting my stories closely enough to notice that I am not doing it “in the moment”.

What concerns (excuses?) do you have about using social media in your business?


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