Podcast Episode 9: How to Build & Grow Your Database (part 2)

New today … I’m expanding on the topic of database building today so that you can keep yours growing every day!

Welcome to Episode 9 of Empowering Women in Real Estate – The Podcast. This is part 2 of How to Build & Grow Your Database (be sure to check out part 1, episode 6).

In today’s episode, I’m sharing my master networking tips as I walk you through a veritable database scavenger hunt! Think about your kids’ coaches and your kids’ teammates’ families. Find fun ways to support those organizations and then your outreach to them will feel natural and comfortable.

Remember the vendors you use, your doctors’ offices, your mechanic, and don’t forget your family, friends, and neighbors. They should all know that they’re friends with a dynamite real estate agent!
These are just a couple places to “look” when it comes to building and growing your database.
Be sure to stick around through the end for my oldie but goodie tip to get others to feel comfortable to start up real estate conversations with YOU!



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