Planning For Summer!

Summer is here!

Time to start planning your summer pop bys (one of your tasks on your Plan of the Week).

At our team meeting earlier this week we unveiled our fun options for this summer, and today I am sharing them with you!

If you would like a copy of the tags emailed to you for easy printing (and implementation), sign up here and we will email them out to you on Friday!

All of our options this month are relatively inexpensive. We always package them with bags and tissue (so they look nice and can easily be hung on a door knob) … except for the farmer’s market bags … and the final cost comes out to about $3 each. Yours could cost more or less depending on how you package them. Also, the tags we use for our team are branded with our logo and each agent’s photo and contact information. To use the attached tags you will want to include your business card.

First up, Swedish Fish!
The tag says, “It’s o-FISH-ally Summer!” and is packaged with a package of Swedish Fish candy. These will be so cute to use in early June.

Next, sparklers!
This is a favorite that we have offered for several years and depending on packaging, can be as inexpensive as a dollar or two.
The tag says, “Your referrals ignite my business!” and is packaged with a box of sparklers. I usually hand these out late June or early July. One year Carmelle DeAntona Shea on our team walked down to her community pool where there was an HOA gathering and handed them out to everyone.

Next, freeze pops!
This is a new one for us, and can be more or less expensive depending on how many pops you include. These are the pops that you buy in a box thawed and then freeze, so easy to transport and give.
The tag says, “Just CHILL This Summer” and is packaged with 5 or 6 freeze pops.

Lastly, farmer’s market bags!
This is a favorite that we did a few years ago and brought back on popular request.
The tag says, “Farmers Market Heads Up” and is attached to a reusable shopping bag branded with our team logo. The tags we use also include a schedule of farmer’s markets in our area. You could include that separately with yours. We then tie the tag to the folded bag with a piece of twine. These are always popular.

So there you go, four solid, fun, summer pop by ideas!

Share your favorite ideas in the comments!


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