Plan Of The Week.

It’s Monday, and time for your Plan of the Week!

-Write 5 notes (at least). You can write 1 per day, or all 5 at once. Focus on gratitude. This should be easy! Certainly there are 5 people that you can thank from your interactions recently.

-Post 2 business social media posts … and make one of them a video! Don’t check out now, you can do this! Stop by your favorite coffee shop and shoot a little video with the barista about their most popular drink. Shoot a quick video while you are touring a property (with the listing agent’s permission, or your seller if your listing). Do a little 30 second Q&A … “The most popular question I get about real estate is …”, and provide the answer. The options here are endless.

-Do some sort of giveaway. Here’s where the magic comes in … work to tie your marketing together. Did you do your video at your local coffee shop? Then giveaway a gift card to that coffee shop. You can mention the giveaway in your video, or go another step and email it out to your database. For years (like 8+) I did this as a postcard mailer, now I do it as an email. My clients reply to me to be entered in the drawing, and then we post a video to announce the winner (tying it back to social media again). My team and I do this every month.

-Whether you have appointments this week or not, schedule 1 face to face appointment that will grow your business. Maybe it is a local business owner for whom you could exchange referrals. Perhaps it is the listing agent for a rental in your neighborhood for whom you hope to receive rental leads from. Maybe it is a potential client, someone who has been curious about the real estate process. Or maybe one of those social media posts that you do this week is to say that you are looking to meet with 1 person for coffee this week (your treat) to talk about the real estate market.

Now if you complete all of this weeks tasks then you already have 3 notes ready to write for next week … the barista at the coffee shop from the video, the gift card giveaway winner, and the person from your face to face appointment.

Are you starting to see how this all ties together? NOTHING you do in this business should be “one and done”. There is an opportunity with each step to go just one little step further, and that my friends, it what makes all the difference.

Comment here when you are done. Bonus, post your video (just be sure to reference that it is for the plan of week in your post).

Make it a great week!


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