Open Houses …

Are open houses one of the pillars in your business?

Do you struggle to know how, how often and when to follow up with your open house visitors?

If your answer to the first question was yes, then I am guessing that may also be the answer to your second question.

Yesterday during my group coaching session with Empower Coaching we had multiple questions submitted on this very topic, and I figured if so many were asking about it there, then I’d bet just as many of you are wondering about it here.

So, I have a little something for you. Years ago when I was a managing broker I created an “Open House Conversion Guide” with best practices and how tos for what to do before your open house (and it has nothing to do with all the signs you need to put up), what you should say and do during, and how to follow up after. That guide has since been revamped and was even available for purchase for a while on our website, but I would now like to offer it to you all for FREE!

Copy and paste the link below to request your copy and watch the video of a little snippet of my advice yesterday on this topic. I hope this is useful to you!


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