Monday Motivation

We all have daily habits. Those things that we do every day, often automatically without even thinking about it. Drinking our morning coffee or tea, brushing our teeth, having dinner with our family.

But what about daily habits for your business? That’s a tough one, isn’t it? Real estate is so unpredictable. You can have your day beautifully planned out either for a day “off” or neatly scheduled appointments and then, the phone rings/an email comes in. A buyer needs to see a new listing ASAP. A seller is ready to sign their listing paperwork right now. A home inspection contingency addendum comes in on your listing that needs to be presented. You’re just about to head home for the day at 7 pm on a Tuesday when an offer on one of your listings shows up in your in box. Suddenly, the day shifts and your plans change.

It can be really hard to establish daily habits in our business when so much of our day is, and needs to be, fluid. When I talk to successful agents or read/listen to their interviews, one of the consistent things I hear over and over is about their daily habit in their business. Prospecting every morning from 8-10 am, an “immovable” appointment. Previewing every day. Writing 5 personal notes a day. When your day is crazy, how do you even fit that “extra” stuff in?

The thing is … that “extra” stuff is often the most important stuff. You may be super busy right now with all of your transactions in process, but in another couple weeks after those transactions close, then what? Spending that regular time tending to your database, “hunting” for new business is what will keep your business consistent week after week, month after month, year after year.

So share with us … what is your daily business habit? If you don’t have one, what would you like it to be?


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