Monday Motivation & February Meet Up

Has the Spring market started yet where you are? Here in the DC metro area, it is in full force and effect. It seems to have started a bit earlier here than usual, possibly due to the milder weather we’ve experienced this winter.

Spring market can be stressful. More appointments, more phone calls, more problems, and just more work, period. It is a quality problem as they say, but it can be tough to manage it all in addition to our families, taking care of ourselves and consistently prospecting for future business. Our businesses can drop off in summer if we stop prospecting in the spring, it can become a vicious cycle.

Join us for our Monthly Meet Up on February 23rd from 12-2 pm to talk about how to not just survive, but also THRIVE during the spring market.

Check out the event in our Facebook group. We have 5 cities/locations confirmed (UPDATE: Now 6!), and are still working on adding a few more. If you don’t see a city near year already set up and would like to establish one, email me at and I’ll add it to the event.

I hope you can join us for a great practical conversation, and to hopefully make some new friends in the process. Please RSVP to the event, and within the event post comment on the thread for the city that you are attending. After the event we will share our biggest takeaways in the group.

Happy Monday!


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