I’m Back…..

Ladies, I’m back!!!

Well, sort of! Surgery was two weeks ago yesterday, and I am feeling largely recovered and easing my way back into work … and into regularly engaging with you here!

I have two things for you today …

1) How are you doing with your Plan of the Week? Just a reminder that next week’s plan will launch on Tuesday due to the Memorial Day holiday. Are you enjoying these plans? I’ve heard from many of you that you are and I have an exciting announcement coming soon about these that will go another step further and allow you to take your business to the next level!

2) Did you know that today isĀ #NationalScavengerHuntDay? My team and I have done several posts about this today using our real estate signs as the item to “hunt” for and offering prizes for those who post photos of them. If you go to my Facebook business page linked here you can see my original post this morning as well as the the “hint” post that I just put up.

Try this today!

Don’t overthink it … the initial photo I shared of my sign is not my best, but it is what I had available to me. You could do this quickly and easily, even if you only have one listing. If you don’t have a listing out there right now that you could use your sign for, maybe pick a couple of locations within your farm and reference those. Have fun with it!

Be sure to comment here to let us know if you give this a try today!


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