I Did It (In My Head)!

Has this ever happened to you …

You receive a text message. You reply to that text message. Only you reply in your head. And never actually type the response to the text.

Or, you need to call someone. You think about how that conversation with go. So convincingly that you think that you made the call, when you actually never did.

No? Just me? One of my little quirks, I guess.

Yesterday I was catching up on writing some personal notes thanking sellers for listing with me, congratulating others on ratified contracts, thanking and congratulating coop agents for offers and ratified contracts on my listings.

Only I kept thinking that I had already written these notes. I kept checking back in my CRM over and over again to make sure that I hadn’t already done it. It’s entirely possible that I did and forgot to log it, so someone out there may be getting a duplicate of the same note, but I guess that’s just the way it goes. Shows that I’m twice as grateful or happy for them, right? Right. I’m going to go with that.

This is why I absolutely have to have systems and checklists in my business. When I count on my brain to remember what I’ve done or what I still need to do and when, it’s a recipe for disaster.

Share with us your quirky habits!


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