How To Guide: Let’s Go To The Movies

Have you always wanted to have a Client Appreciation Event but wasn’t sure where to start?

I learned the benefit of these events early on in my career when I was on a rainmaker team. Then for many years after when on my own or as part of an “informal” team we talked about it year after year after year, but never could bring it to fruition.

There is so much to think about. What to do? Where to do it? How much will it cost? Who do I invite? How do I invite them? What do I do in the days leading up to the event? What do I do on the day of? What happens after?

If you were following along with me on social media this weekend you saw that my team had a Client Appreciation Event at the movies … and it was awesome! We had over 250 guests in attendance at what was probably our most fun, and most economical, event to date!

This was the 13th Client Appreciation Event that our team has held since launching 3 ½ years ago. To say we’ve learned a few things is an understatement! (To check out some of our coverage of this weekend’s event visit Platinum Group Real Estate on Instagram or Facebook)

And now, I’m going to help you get up to speed real quick!

Introducing our Empowering Women In Real Estate How To Guide — Client Appreciation Event: Movies.

Whether you are looking to plan your first event, want to improve the quality of your existing events, or are looking to add a new kind of event to your Client Appreciation Program this How To Guide is for you!

The guide is now available for sale at the special pre-order price of $19.99, and will be delivered via digital download on or before February 22nd. If you think this is for you, don’t wait to order … once the downloads are available the discount will go away and the purchase price will be $29.99.

This is a no-brainer! Through this How To Guide I will be walking you through every step from the very beginning including how soon to begin planning your event, to what to do leading up to your event, to what to do in the days after your event. Step by step, piece by piece. All the guesswork will be gone.

Go to to pre-order your copy today!


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