This here is one of my most used features on my phone … the alarms!
Did you know that on the iPhone you can set up custom “labels” for each alarm so there is no question what it is for?
You can also set recurring alarms that go off on repetitive days.
Here are a few of mine …
Every Tuesday my alarm goes off 15 minutes before the start of my Team Meeting to give me time to wrap up what I am doing and to get ready for the meeting.
During the school year, I have an alarm set for Monday-Thursday for the time I need to leave to pick up my youngest from school.
And, of course, my wake up alarm!
I have also learned to set an alarm or timer as soon as I sit down at my desk for whatever time I need to leave for my next appointment. That way I am not constantly breaking my focus to check the time so I’m not late.
Do you use the alarms on your phone?

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