Have You Used A Vision Board?

I’m baaaccckkk!

Did you miss me? (Did you notice I was gone??)

I had a wonderful vacation last week with my family for Spring Break. It was a whole lot of peace and quiet (my favorite), sitting in the sunshine, looking out at the water, watching my boys fish, and plenty of reading.

Taking time away from my business and taking time to reflect helps me to come back much more clear. More clear about my purpose, my goals, my next steps.

Having this clarity is truly priceless. Without it, it is far too easy to continue day to day, week to week, even year to year doing the same things over and over again out of habit, not necessarily out of desire or purpose, and definitely not with the big picture in mind.

One exercise I did last week to help me to get clear was doing a vision board. I put together a vision board using Canva (but you could use any photo collage app) and then had several copies printed in 8×10 size at my local Walgreens that I picked up when I came home. My board was a simple collage of photos with a photo of my family at the center, my word of the year (Brave) at the top, a couple quotes, and then photos that represented what I most want … health, energy, my favorite places to visit, my long term vision for myself, what I want my work to look like. I will post a copy by my desk at home, one at the office and one on the wall in my closet where I will see it every day.

Having clarity allows me to feel more confident in taking action. Taking action is the only way to change the things I wish to change and to get where I am going. Lots less thinking and talking, lots more action.

Have you ever made a vision board?


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