Going Above And Beyond!

I remember reading once that to get ahead in business you should be prepared to take on tasks that are not your “job”. I’ve never seen that be more true than in real estate!

Over the years I’ve certainly done my fair share of house cleaning, moving furniture (my poor husband too), even taking clients kids to my house for a play date (even though our kids had never met) during a home inspection to help out my seller.

I’ve known title agents and loan officers who have gone to hospitals to have loan documents and settlement papers signed when women were in labor or when a seller was recovering from surgery.

I remember having a settlement once with an agent who ran out to Home Depot with her infant in tow between the walk through and settlement to pick up a light fixture for something that came up on the walk thru. Another who had her husband install a toilet for a distressed seller.

What is the craziest thing that you have ever done for a client that was not your “job”?


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