**Friday Favorites**

Do you want to know my most favorite day of the year? The day before I leave for vacation!

Okay, maybe it is not my MOST favorite day … but it is up there on the list. Primarily because I get SO.MUCH.DONE.

I swear, I seem to pack 2 weeks of work into the day before I leave for a vacation. I suddenly have this urgency to finish all the things that have been sitting around undone for ages. It is one of my more stressful days, but one of my most productive.

When I go on vacation with my family, I disconnect from real estate … trust me, this can be done!!! I have done it for YEARS. Well over a decade and a half to be exact. And it is not because I don’t have business. I’ve averaged 50-60 sales per year the majority of my career. And it’s not just because I have a team or support help. For many (many) years before I owned my own team or had an assistant I did this through many vacations … and three maternity leaves!

The key is to have a system, and I do! Type “vacation” into the search box in the group and my posts will come up explaining my process. You can also find it in the highlights on my Instagram account (https://www.instagram.com/karen.w.cooper/) under “Get Away”.

I’m headed out for a Spring Break trip with my people tomorrow, so you know what today is!

Do you have a favorite day(s) of the year?


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