**Friday Favorites**

It’s time for Friday Favorites!

Have I ever mentioned that I love my bed? Like really love it?

A few years ago we invested in a Sleep Number bed (my number is 75 for those who know!). We were so tired (literally) of waking up sore, or with back or hip pain (if you are over 35 you know what I’m talking about). We’d tried many different mattresses and even had an early model Sleep Number bed 10+ years ago and nothing helped.

One day we were at the mall and went into the Sleep Number store on a whim. And they sold us. Pillows, bed (we have an i9), sheets, all of it. It was not cheap.

And it has been worth every single penny.

It may sound crazy, but this bed is one of the very best things that we have spent money on. Ever. We sleep so well. No more waking up sore or achy, very little tossing and turning. Our bed has the head and feet that raise and lower which was a game changer when I had my last surgery and helped to make a very uncomfortable time much more comfortable.

It was an investment, but one that makes a difference in our lives a solid 8 hours every single day, and will for probably 10 years. That makes it very, very worth it.

Share with us one of your favorite things that impacts your life every day!


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