**Friday Favorites**

I’d like to introduce a new way for us to support each other, get to know each other better, and of course something that would be fun … enter, Friday Favorites!

Each Friday I will be sharing a favorite product or service that I use in a particular area of my life, and will invite you to share your favorites as well!

This week, I am sharing the strategy and favorite product that I use to make meal planning easier in my household. At our team retreat last week several of us mentioned this area as a struggle. Especially on days that we have appointments all day, the hardest thing is trying to figure out what you are having when you walk in the door … and by then it’s too late. You need a simple plan. Whether you are the only person doing the cooking for your family out of choice or necessity, or someone else in your home is preparing the meal, having a plan (and the food on hand you need to execute it) can make your evenings flow much more smoothly and pleasantly.

Also … if your house is anything like mine, my kids would ask me 10 times a day (starting at breakfast) what we were having for dinner.

A couple years ago I found this ‘What To Eat” pad on Amazon. It’s magnetic, so I keep it right on my refrigerator. On the weekend my husband and I spend a few minutes talking about our schedule for the week, and then plan our meals around it based on work schedules, appointments, and kid’s activities. I typically only plan out the dinner portion, but this summer when my kids were home I would also list out ideas for breakfast and lunch based on food we have on hand. One of the best parts … the kids can read for themselves what we are having and don’t need to ask a hundred times a day! It’s truly one of my favorite things! (Affiliate link used)

To further make the meal planning process more simple, we tend to use a theme to each night so coming up with meal ideas isn’t as much of a chore.

These are our current themes …
Monday – Meatless (wheat pasta for the kids, veggie noodles for us)
Tuesday – Meal Delivery (I’ve written about this before … I partner with a local caterer in my town who does “weeknight meals”. I select what I want, and she delivers to my home once a week.)
Wednesday – I like to try a new recipe, or one of our regular favorites that doesn’t fit into our other “themes”
Thursday – Taco Night or Fajitas
Friday – Pizza

My husband likes to do more elaborate meals on the weekend, so he plans those out himself usually on Friday or Saturday.

This system has been working really well for us in this season of life.

Now it’s your turn! Share your favorite strategies and products for getting meals on the table each day!



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