Empowering Women In Real Estate – The Podcast … is here!

It’s here, it’s finally here!

Empowering Women In Real Estate – The Podcast, is now live on iTunes and Stitcher, ready for you to listen and (I hope!) subscribe!

The first season launched in November, but due to some travel, some illnesses, some technical difficulties … you know, life … we are just now able to share.

I’m a big podcast fan. I love that I can learn something and be inspired while I am driving to my office or between appointments, or at home when I am doing chores.

What I look for in a podcast are “just right” sized episodes … not so short that I need more than one for my drive or to take a walk or fold the laundry, and not so long that it takes me multiple tries to finish it. I also like a mix of stories, tactical advice and interviews … and I’ve kept all of this in mind in designing this podcast!

Episodes will be right around 30 minutes long, and I will be alternating stories, tactical tips, and interviews with other incredible women in our industry.

To get you started, we have FOUR episodes ready to go …

Episode 1: My Story – How I Got Into Real Estate

Episode 2: Balancing Real Estate & Motherhood

Episode 3: Setting Realistic Goals In Your Real Estate Business

Episode 4: Rebuilding Your Business with Vicky Noufal

I hope you will listen in, leave a review, and tell me what you think! Season 2 will be starting to air in the next couple weeks, so you have some time to get caught up. 😉

So, in the meantime, what are some topics that you would like to see me cover or who are some people that you think I should interview?


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