“Do it with no expectations and watch God blow your mind” -Paraphrased from Tabitha Brown(her new book is AMAZING btw!)

Seven years ago when I founded the Empowering Women in Real Estate community I had no expectations. My goal was to find connection amongst like-minded women in the real estate industry, and for sure God has blown my mind!

We are now not just a national, but INTERNATIONAL group, with nearly 30,000 members.

Our podcast has over 55,000 downloads and will air it’s hundredth episode later this month.

We’ve had meet ups in many cities across the US and are moving into larger scale events (stay tuned 2022!).

And now our Inner Circle group coaching program is teaching women (and a few brave men!) how to build strong, successful, consistent businesses by turning their small monthly investment into tens of thousands of dollars in annual revenue.

Seriously, mind blown. And we’re just getting started.

Won’t you join us? You can learn more and register here …



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