It’s going on 3 years ago now since I founded this group, and when I did it was with the belief that many women in our industry crave a connection with other like-minded industry professionals to share ideas, stories, and to learn from one another. My experience yesterday with our first Monthly Meet Up only confirmed that.

Yesterday we had Meet Ups in 9 different cities. Some groups were small, just 2 or 3, some had 10 or 11, others were larger. The groups were comprised of women from all experience levels (in my group the “newest” agent had only been licensed a few months, the most experienced industry professional had 25+ years), all age groups, different ethnicities and backgrounds, and many different brokerages. We had agents, brokers, lenders, designers and title executives. Many full-time career agents, and some part time.

The most refreshing aspect that I felt is how willing everyone was to share their questions, their concerns and their ideas. Even though we were from different companies and that we technically “compete” with each other on a daily basis in our local market, there was such a feeling of respect between the women at the table.

From everyone I talked to afterwards, we all left refreshed and energized and eager for next month’s Meet Up. Sharing ideas and supporting others will never “lessen” your own opportunities, if anything it will help you to grow and expand. Celebrating another’s success doesn’t somehow mean you failed. Success isn’t this pie where there is a limited number of slices and just because someone else got some that it somehow means that there won’t be enough for you. There is room for us all, I truly believe that deep in my heart. Don’t be afraid to connect with those around you, to share and to teach. In my experience it will only serve to enrich your own life, business and experience.

Have a wonderful day!


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