Celebrating Freedom!

As we celebrate Independence Day today, and the freedoms that we enjoy in large part due to the sacrifices of others who have fought for those freedoms, let’s take a moment and think about the freedoms that our business allows us …

I’m free to work from home more days than not this summer so I can enjoy time with my children while they are off school.

I’m free to schedule appointments when I choose (and also free to refer out clients whose schedules do not match my own).

I’m free to earn as much money as I like. There is no ceiling (and also no floor!) and there are no limitations, other than those that I choose.

I’m free to go on as many vacations as I like without having to ask someone for permission or make sure I have enough “leave” or vacation time. I get to choose if I am going to work on that vacation, or take proper steps for coverage so I can unplug (I always choose the latter).

I’m free to design and create my business in the way that I want as it pertains to areas I wish to serve, who I want to market to, types of transactions I wish to handle (ie listings vs buyers), etc.

I’m free to start my day when I want, and end it when I want, as long as I am providing good service to my clients and managing their transactions appropriately.

I’m free to take a nap in the afternoon if I want, or run out to Target for errands, or take a personal call, or volunteer in my child’s classroom without asking someone else’s permission for stepping away from work.

I’m free to decide what I will and will not allow in my business in terms of how I am treated and how late or early in the day I will respond.

I’m free to determine whether my goal is to sell 1 house per month or 10 (unless I’ve chosen to work for a team or brokerage with specific requirements).

Our job is HARD. We’ve been talking a lot about anxiety and guilt and the struggles we feel, and all of that is very, very real. There are also many wonderful aspects of our work and so much of it (good and bad) are based on our decisions, what we choose to allow or how we will respond.

Today, I’m going to focus on the freedoms I have. What is the best part of this work for you?


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