Bless and Release.

I have two words for you today …

Bless and Release.

Last week during a breakfast meeting with my business partner Vicky Noufaland our dear friend and mentor Jackie Fields-Gleadall we were chatting about challenges and difficult clients and she told us to bless and release. We can’t control every situation. Clients will be unreasonable. We just need to bless them (or the situation) and release it.

It’s my new favorite.

Difficult client who doesn’t take your advice, and is then upset later when they understand the consequences of that? Bless and release.

Rude coop agents who try to prove their worth by belittling you? Bless and release.

Listings that won’t sell.
Buyers that won’t buy (even though you’ve shown them the right house 10 times over).
Renters that drag their feet.

Bless and release.
Bless and release.
Bless and release.

I could go on and on. There are a million and one applications for this. Try it, it works!


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