A “Light-bulb” Moment!

There were so many great take away yesterday from the She’s Unstoppable Live! women’s real estate conference!

My favorite came from Bravo TV’sĀ Anna Kilinski Brent, star of “Buying It Blind” and real estate team owner in Atlanta, Georgia.

Anna blew us all away when she asked if we had 10 (or insert 3, 5, 15, 20) years of experience, or if we have had the same year 10 times.


Are you seeing growth in your business or are you hustling, bustling and running yourself into the ground only to have the same year over and over again?

She is so right about this. Have you been in the business 10 years (or 3 or 5 or 15) or have you been *working* your business for that many years, actively engaged in your business and your market? There is a very distinct difference.

I love this thought. Either you are growing and changing, or you’re dying. There really is no in between, is there?


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