Yesterday on my Instagram I was inspired by a Reel shared by a friend of a peacock unfurling it’s feathers. It was big, show-y, beautiful, and showing off in the best way possible.
We love when nature shows off, but why not when people do?
I can think of many occasions from the time I was a little girl being told some version of to “stop showing off”, to be smaller, to take it down a notch, to basically draw less attention to myself.
But, why? Who knows really. All I do know now is that when someone has an issue with me “showing off” that is has EVERYTHING to do with them and how they see the world (and themselves) and very little to do with me.
So, today I want you to SHOW OFF!
Comment here with a success, a win, a photo that makes you feel fabulous, whatever, so we can celebrate all that you are!

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