Plan of the Week

Here is your Empowering Women In Real Estate Plan of the Week for May 4-8, 2020, brought to you by Empower Coaching!

May is here!

Are you ready for the new month? Lots of opportunities this month for connection with Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. Also, as parts of our country begin to open up and rules change, there will be more opportunities as well.

Let’s get started!

 -Write 5 personal notes. It’s the beginning of the month, prep and send your client birthday and “home-adversary” cards.

-Post 5 social media posts. You will note that I took the word “business” out of this for the first time. You need to focus on staying PRESENT and top of mind. Balance these out between focuses or mentions of business and personal. How about a post sharing market statistics for April for your area? Your local Realtor® association may have this data on their website for easy use.

-Contact 15 people. Keep going with this one! Gone all the way through your database? Add some more folks and/or start back over at the top. Remember, your message is one of, “how are you”.

-Add 5 people to your database. This will help to support the task above. For tomorrow’s weekly quick lesson I will be talking about how to add to your database, where to look, and who to add. I’ll be live in the group around 9:30 am EST.

-Prep and send your business postcard. My team is partnering with a window washing company. Need more input on this process? Search “vendor postcard” in the group.

Do you find these plans helpful or wish you had more details, guidance and accountability? Just a reminder that for a limited time my Empower Coaching program, of which this plan is the foundation, is FREE! I’m committed to helping my fellow real estate agents, lenders, title executives and more to stay connected with their businesses during this historic world event, and to come out the other side with their businesses intact. If you would like to join our FREE coaching program, look for the link in the pinned post in this group, or search for “Empower Coaching by Karen Cooper” and request to join.

Make it a great week!


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